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Nate Wood: Rap and Hip-Hop Music Producer and Artist

Nate Wood is a 28-year-old from Pewaukee, WI. He grew up listening to a wide array of music genres—stretching out from classic rock by artists like Journey and Bon Jovi to dance-pop by NSYNC.

Hip-hop and rap genres have greatly influenced Nate as a musician. He discovered his love for these genres when he began listening to Eminem and Jay-Z at 11 years old. From that time, he took an interest in studying both rap and hip-hop.

By the time Nate started college, he fully embraced being a musician despite being surrounded by cultural misconceptions as a rap and hip-hop artist. Nate’s love for God lead him on a music journey, where he’s felt called to fight stereotypes of all kinds.

He creates a sound with lyrics laced in deep meaning, channeled from a place beyond him- yet presented in a human way. For Nate, each song is a journey into the pursuit of finding the truth and light. He wants nothing more than for others to know the Truth that is found in Jesus Christ.

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Living in 2 Worlds