Nate Wood’s Journey as an Indie Hip-Hop and Rap Artist


Student of the Game 

Nate stepped into his calling as a hip-hop artist in the Fall of 2013. He was a senior in college when he started working on his first mixtape. He self released the tape on Datpiff which was the online abyss of mixtapes for hundreds of thousands of different rappers. Nate was truly a ‘student’ to the ‘game’ and his journey had just begun. 




A year after ‘Student of the Game’ Nate recorded his first professional album ‘Overdose’.

After releasing ‘Student of The Game’, Nate teamed up with Des Moines produced MV to work on his newest collection of songs titled '(O)ver(D)ose. The album was released on SoundCloud in Q1 of 2015. This is also when Nate began his professional career in sales, and began his work in the local music scene. 




Nate continued to his work with MV while recording 'Overlapse'. It was produced professionally in 2015. While building his career as a sales professional, Nate put together a marketing campaign which lead to opportunities for local shows and also to collaborate with other creative

professionals. Nate released ‘Overlapse’ in Q1 of 2016, and released his first music, a ''Mirrorless Production' titled ‘The Party’





This season was filled with opportunities for Nate as he finally received recognition for not only his sales accomplishments, but also an entrepreneur and an artist. Nate played 3 shows during the summer season of 2016 and established his presence in the local music scene. 


Nate Wood had many highlights in 2017. It was the year his ‘Living in 2 Worlds’ tagline was fully developed, which triggered the release of his 1st album under the label, ‘2 World Records.’ In 2017 Nate teamed up ''Mirrorless Production' for a second time to produce a music video for the first single off his album ‘Living in 2 Worlds’ titled ‘Hello Day’ Along with further marketing campaigns and a partnership with a blog in Florida titled Indie Nation.

Nate’s album release show was the perfect launch for his album, and his label, and established him as a regionally known ‘businessman’ in the industry.



Nate also produced his 1st ever album release show with the help of his close friend and artist colleague Tom Brady and his close cousin and producer colleague, Yogi Benjamin. The show was a success featuring local artists that served as Milwaukee’s in hip-hop such as; Ar Wesley, Larry Bull, Mike Regal, Dom McNeal, and Rina Gandia. It also featured Mike T and Equitis Media, which houses alot of regional talent.



Nate’s most difficult year personally. He released a song in March that captured his struggle, while also getting him national recognition. Here was an interview done by Vent’s magazine after releasing the single. 

Vents Magazine



Nate Wood was apart of some incredible opportunities in 2018. He collaborated with Edge Entertainment and close friend Brad Schnell, to put on Bradapolooza which was a highly successful birthday celebration. Nate was also a student of  Tiamo de Vettori’s Music Prosperity Mastery Course.  He also performed on the Showcase tour at Lavish Nightclub in Milwaukee, and participated in the BET awards after landing a front cover distribution deal with Ace Magazine. Nate would then go on to release his follow up album to ‘Living in 2 Worlds’ titled ‘Fate Would Have It’




2019 would be a transformative year for Nate Wood. He mastered his craft as a hip-hop artist who performs keynote concerts for corporate events, non profits, and celebrations. He has multiple projects in the works and looks to continue writing his story.